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The Doors of Rothenburg

The most beautiful Rothenburg Doors processed into a work of Art.

The original and world-famous Image of the Rothenburg doors.
This beautiful collage of 25 medieval Rothenburg doors began its triumphal march around the world in 2021. As the absolute bestseller by Alexander Möller - Photoartist, this has been sold hundreds of times all over the world in a wide variety of formats and with various accessories.
All around the world, people are amazed by the uniqueness and quality of this work of art. This picture is now a point of attraction for many Rothenburg ob der Tauber visitors from all over the world.
A revised version of this image will be available in 2024.
By revising the font and layout, this work of art has now finally catapulted itself into the league of the best images in the world.
This picture is available in my shop in Rothenburg and online.

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